Perhaps you work in the outdoor pursuits area, offer city tours or need a general summary of your participants for a particular date? No problem! We can of course make a detailed and comprehensible list of participants available to you for each date.

Where in bookingkit can I find the list of participants?

Simply log in to your bookingkit account and call up the desired date in your calendar. Then click the blue Pack&Go button, and you will be able to download the pdf list of participants:

By the way, did you know that you can also download all the list of participants for one day? Simply go to the calendar to see the date and click on the checklist of the day:

What does the list of participants look like in specific terms?

You can get various types of information from your Pack&Go list, for instance ticket codes, names of participants (provided “extended participant input” has been activated) or the payment status for the booking in question. The list also displays other kinds of information about the experience, such as starting time or venue. Invoices for the corresponding bookings are also attached to the pdf.

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