In addition to optimasing your workload, Early Bird tickets also have the potential to increase your revenue. Creating them is fairly simple:

  1. Activate the Extended Availability Management module

  2. Flexible prices

  3. Create appointments

  4. Set the Early Bird quota

  5. How your customers see the Early Bird tickets

1. Activate the extended availability management

If not already done, please activate the Extended Availability Management feature under Settings -> Modules:

2. Flexible prices

Once the module is up and running, you can add an additional price category for the Early Bird tickets in addition to the regular price.

3. Create appointments for the experience

Create two identical appointments and add the regular price to one appointment and the Early Bird price category to the other appointment:

4. Set the Early Bird quota

Open the appointment in your bookingkit calendar and set the respective quotas using the Advanced Availability Management:

5. Through the eyes of the customer

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