The practical advantages of our translation tool

We give you the right tools to ensure that in the future you no longer lose international customers and tourists, but turn them into paying customers. The configuration in bookingkit is really easy and in this article we explain how you can increase your reach and turnover in just a few steps!

Activate the module

Under Settings > Modules you first have to activate the module "Content Localization" with just one single click:

Manage your languages

After activating the module you can now view and manage the status of your translations under Settings > Translations. Please note that directly after activation it may take a few minutes until everything is set up and ready for configuration!

After the settings are loaded after only a few minutes, the translation overview appears. The default language is of course the language setting for your account. Then you can choose from up to eleven different languages, which should be available for your end customers at the same time! How exactly all this works is explained in the following points.

Add more languages

Under Settings > Translations you can now add more languages to your offer:

Once you have added another language to your portfolio, you can of course change some settings:

  1. Would you like an overview of all the content to be translated? No problem, you are only one click away from your luck.  Especially practical: You can also simply send this file to an agency for translation!
  2. You can either translate your content manually at the different places in the webapp or, as mentioned in the first point, translate the whole content or have it translated collectively and then upload the file here directly.
  3. As soon as you have translated 100% of a language, you can also select it as your default language. What is the purpose of this? The selected default language serves as a reference for new translations.
  4. You do not want to offer a language in the future? Then deactivate it here with just one click.

Add translations

If you decide against translating your content collectively (see point 2), you can also do the translations directly yourself. Just look for the globe in your bookingkit backend. If you have not yet translated all elements at a certain point, you will be notified by a red exclamation mark next to the globe and can add the corresponding translation with just one click:

On the other hand, if a green check mark appears next to the globe, you can sit back and watch as you receive bookings from Europe and around the world!

Now you might ask yourself at which places you can translate everywhere! Either you let this be displayed via the export (see point 1) or you take note that you can insert translations everywhere where your own content is used! For example, in your experiences, products, flexible tickets, after-sales mail, company data, etc.

Worth knowing

We at bookingkit automatically translate your buttons in the widgets. Just like all customer correspondence via email, all important documents such as ticket and invoice are translated into the respective language!

How does it look like for my customers?

Your customers, especially your international ones, will thank you for it! Your offer is now even more clearly arranged and available in up to eleven different languages. So your end customers can book even more easily. This not only increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also your income - very clever!

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