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Typo3 integration in 4 easy steps

The following guide will show you how to integrate bookingkit into your Typo3 website. Don't have a bookingkit account yet? Request a free demo!

Step 1

Log in to your account at http://www.ihr-domain-name.de/typo3.

Step 2

Go to "Page" (A) in your Typo3 back end.

Step 3

Next, open the page you want to add bookingkit to (A) and add new content to the part of the page where you want the bookingkit elements to go.

Step 4

You will be forwarded to a new page where you can insert the HTML code generated by bookingkit in order to integrate the platform into your Typo3 website. To do this, first select HTML as the content type (A) and paste the code from your bookingkit account into the HTML code field (B). Finally, save your changes (C).

You can find your HTML code (C) in your bookingkit account under "Marketing" (A) > "Eigene Webseite" (B):

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