Simply activate the platform in bookingkit, and benefit from over three million monthly website visits, five million App downloads and 300,000 newsletter subscribers! And you also benefit from particularly favourable conditions with bookingkit.

  1. How do I activate Outdooractive?

  2. Here’s something worth knowing

  3. Who should I contact?

How do I activate Outdooractive?

Simply log into bookingkit and select Outdooractive under Marketing > Platforms.

Something worth knowing

Outdooractive is fully integrated. So you can just relax and activate the platform with a single click. Your dates and availability data will be transferred fully automatically, and will be constantly synchronised. You can of course adjust your quota to be marketed at any time, both in terms of the calendar and also at experience level.

We recommend Outdooractive to all our customers based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After you have activated the platform in bookingkit, you should be up and running on Outdooractive within 48 hours. Turnover from these orders will be transferred directly to your trustee account as soon as your experience has taken place.

Who should I contact?

You can contact staff at Outdooractive on or by telephone: +49 8323 8006 0. And of course you are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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