With Berlin.de we have the official online site of our capital city on board. You could be one of those using this influential channel too!

  1. How do I activate Berlin.de in bookingkit?

  2. Here’s something worth knowing

  3. Who should I contact?

How do I activate Berlin.de in bookingkit?

Simply log into your bookingkit account and activate Berlin.de with just one click under Marketing > Platforms.

Something worth knowing

When you link to berlin.de, you will be fully integrated with it. After activation, all your dates and availability data will be automatically transferred. There is therefore no possibility of overbooking and you can arrange for optimum capacity utilisation of your quotas. And you can, of course, determine for yourself how many places are to be offered on which platforms.

Please note that Berlin.de will naturally only accept offers available in Berlin. Activation by the platform generally takes less than seven days.

Who should I contact?

If you have any questions on the platform or the status of your account on Berlin.de, it is very easy to contact our colleagues there.

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