leipzig.travel represents the region and offers the Leipzig tourist industry a modern online platform. It is also child’s play to have your experiences marketed here with bookingkit!

  1. How do I activate leipzig.travel?

  2. Here’s something worth knowing

  3. Who should I contact?

How do I activate leipzig.travel?

Nothing could be simpler! After Log-in in bookingkit, you can activate leipzig.travel with just one click on Marketing > Platforms.

Something worth knowing

Leipzig.travel is fully integrated. After activating, you don’t need to do anything else - your experiences, including all dates and availability data, will be automatically available on the platform. You can of course keep control at all times of how many places and which of your experiences you wish to market.

Leipzig.travel will of course only accept providers of experiences in Leipzig and the surrounding area into its portfolio. Activation will take place within 24 hours, and you will be notified of this directly by our colleagues there.

Who should I contact?

If you have any questions to do with the platform and your presence on it, you can contact leipzig.travel here at any time.

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