This may be due to several reasons. Here is a list of some of the most common causes, including explanations:

  • Incorrect code: Please make sure that voucher code was entered correctly. Pay particular attention to possible special characters as well as case-sensitive codes.
  • Validity: (only for promotional vouchers): Verify that the code is still valid.
  • Buying a voucher with a voucher: It is not possible to redeem a gift voucher or promotional voucher to purchase a voucher. The reason is simple: Suppose your customer has a promotional voucher with a 25% discount. The customer uses this to purchase a voucher worth €100.00, and thus receives a €25.00 discount. Using the purchased voucher, the customer is then able to purchase an event for €25.00 instead of simply receiving a €7.25 discount on the experience, essentially making it free.
  • Please note that promotional vouchers cannot be combined. Only one promotional voucher code can be used per booking.
  • Voucher codes are not included: If you start a Groupon campaign or generate your own voucher codes, make sure to stick to our suggested workflow.
  • Voucher is no longer valid after an unsuccessful attempt at making a booking: If the payment was interrupted or an error occurred, the voucher will automatically be canceled by our system. This is done for security reasons to prevent misuse. If customers are unable to verify themselves (e.g. payment variations) then this process will take place.
  • Please note that the same voucher code once can only be used once!
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