As an experienced recreational provider, you know that such a case can occur from time to time. But how do I treat this problem best in bookingkit? We recommend the following three procedures:

  • Cancel the incorrect order and create the corresponding partial cash refund. You can then book the customer in manually via your bookingkit account.
  • Cancel the incorrect order and create the corresponding partial refund in the form of a value voucher. The customer can then book himself in again online, and pay with the value voucher.
  • If the customer has chosen the right price level, but the wrong date, you can simply re-book him. Just call up the relevant order in your bookingkit account, and click on the “Re-book” button. Then select the new date manually. (Your customer will automatically receive an email with information on the new date)

If you want to change a customer into another experience, this is of course also possible. Just follow these steps:

  • Call up the order 
  • Click on rebook 
  • Select a new experience and, if necessary, a new date 
  • Optional: charge a rebooking fee or grant a discount

And by the way, whilst we’re on the subject of refunds: do you know why we recommend giving refunds via a value voucher in most cases?

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