Consecutive invoice numbers

From now on you have the possibility to assign consecutive invoice numbers to your end customer invoices! What you have to do exactly for this, you will find out in the following:

  1. What to consider
  2. Set up consecutive invoice numbers
  3. Worth knowing

What to consider

The legislation provides for several factors and markings for your invoices, more information can be found in the relevant legal text. In general, however:

  • According to § 14 paragraph 4 UStG an invoice number may only be assigned once. With bookingkit you can sit back and relax without worries, because our software automatically takes care of this for you!
  • Combinations of numbers and letters are allowed. Theoretically you can even use spaces.
  • Often the year, the month or even the whole date of the invoice are included in the invoice number.
  • This is especially recommended for founders and small entrepreneurs who have not yet issued too many invoices, as they might otherwise be confronted with the circumstance of disclosing the small number of issued invoices to their end customers. This can also be set directly in bookingkit.

Set up sequential invoice numbers

Setting up sequential invoice numbers is a breeze and with just a few clicks you can take your accounting to the next level. Under Personalization > Invoice Number you first have to click on "Create invoice number scheme":

Now you can edit your accounts in just five steps:

  1. Determine with which digit your invoice should begin.
  2. In the second step you can set how many numbers your invoice should have (up to six digits are possible).
  3. Now decide if the date should also be displayed in the invoice numbers.
  4. If the third option is activated, you can now choose whether the year or the year and date should appear on your invoices. In addition, you can enter fixed combinations of numbers and letters before and after the invoice numbers, e.g. your company abbreviation.
  5. When should your new invoice logic be applied?

To keep track of your invoice history at all times, you will find an overview of all settings in your bookingkit account under Personalisation > Invoice Number and can easily edit existing and future configurations:

Worth knowing

  • You need a collected export of all end customer invoices issued so far? No problem, here you can find out everything you need to know!
  • By the way, invoices for small amounts (250,00 € including VAT) do not have to include a consecutive invoice number.
  • Correct invoicing and processing are an absolute must. Fortunately, with bookingkit you are well prepared. Here you can learn more about our invoice logic.
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