All your online sales (with the exception of PayPal) will be listed here, and it’s very simple to arrange for a payment to be made to your business account. In this article we would like to explain all the benefits and functions of a trustee account.

With your trustee account you are always on the safe side!

The security of your turnover is our highest priority. This is why we not only offer an extremely high-performance and completely secure SSL encryption, but also guarantee the security of your payments through our partnership with one of the largest European banks. The French bank Credit Mutuel Arkéa stands behind our billing service-provider MangoPay.

With a bookingkit account you automatically also get a Mango-Pay trustee account. It is particularly important to us to comply with statutory regulations. This is why we are happy to be able to offer a payment solution which complies with BaFin through our partnership with MangoPay. We are also particularly concerned to allow you as much freedom as possible. So you don’t have to wait for tiresome payment runs to get your money, you can arrange for payment of your turnover into your business account at your convenience. And you, of course, determine how much is paid. All you need for this is a one-off Verification, as is standard with reputable payment providers.

Get a summary any time

All payments into and out of your trustee account are shown together under Billing > Summary. Of course, the list only includes turnover from Online payments (with the exception of PayPal) which were made through MangoPay. 

  1. You can make a payment into your trustee account at any time. This could be the case if, for instance, you want to give a cash refund, but don’t have enough credit in your trustee account. 
  2. Your account balance will be displayed here. Please note that the credit balance is divided into available funds and the guarantee retention. After 180 days, this is automatically credited to your trustee account. 
  3. To make a payment to your business account, simply click here.  
  4. You can configure the period to be displayed individually. You will then see a summary of all relevant transactions, and payments in and out. The period selected will also be used directly for Export (point 5). 
  5. The balance of your account on the first day of a month is displayed here. 
  6. If you click on the pdf-button next to the payout, you are able to download a payout receipt. 
  7. You can download an Account statement here. Choose between CSV, Excel and PDF. The statement will include all transactions for the relevant period, as well as charges incurred and the corresponding balance/status of the account. Once you have requested a statement, this is available to download for up to 30 days.

If you click on the small arrow to the right of a transaction, you will be shown the corresponding details, e.g. the proportionate transaction and participant fees.

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