In this case the following book-keeping information is generally not available to the tax advisor:

  1. all transaction sums are paid into a separate trustee account (not directly into the provider’s business account).
  2. The provider can pay the desired amount into his business account (provided the account has been verified).

For this reason, there is no direct relationship between receipts and payouts, as we do not retain the money from customers and pay it out monthly; instead the provider can determine himself when the money is paid to him, and how much. This is also one of the benefits of bookingkit.

Example: The provider has received 3 orders, each for 100 Euros, in his trustee account, so he has 300 Euros in his trustee account altogether. But he only arranges for 50 Euros to be paid into his business account. This means that the 50 Euros are not representative of his receipts (as they are only part of the receipts).

For accounting purposes the provider can therefore send his tax advisor the following documents to book the receipts to the trustee account:

  1. The provider logs in to
  2. The provider goes to the navigation button “Billing” or alternatively to
  3. On the left is the trustee account with the current credit and on the right the record of payments in and out
  4. The date can be changed at the top right
  5. The provider can then click on Export; the export is generated in the desired format and the provider is notified by email as soon as this can be downloaded.
  6. In this article you can read more about the export.

The provider can send this export to his tax advisor in addition to the payment vouchers.

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