From now on you can be booked automatically and without additional costs via bookingkit directly at Google. Especially practical: Our interface to Google is fully integrated. So you don't have to do anything else and availabilities and dates are transferred fully automated!

  1. The most important at a glance
  2. Activation of Google
  3. Important: What to consider
  4. Accounting

1. The most important at a glance

  • You are now bookable in the regular Google search, on Google Maps as well as the Google Assistant. 
  • You get a book button and your dates and availabilities are offered in real time to millions of people. 
  • Your activities are also bookable directly in the "Near Me" search on Google. It has never been so easy to approach new customers! 
  • There are no additional costs besides your regular booking kit fees.

2. Activation of Google

As mentioned above, Google Reserve is automatically activated, as there is no commission or other possible additional costs. So you can only benefit! Nevertheless, you have the possibility to deactivate or reactivate Google as a marketing partner under Marketing > Platforms:


3. Important: What to consider

  • As a basic requirement for the bookability with Reserve with Google you need a Google my Business account. Here you can find out how to add your own location - i.e. a business listing.
  • Please make sure that your business location and the locations where your experiences take place are listed in your business listing or Google MyBusiness account. You can add another location in the Google my Business Dashboard under "Add Location. If this location doesn't already exist, you'll need to give it a new name and have it verified. 
  • For the link to work properly, it's essential that you enter the correct, fully-specified addresses in your experiences, and that these match the addresses you enter in Google 1:1 - otherwise Google won't be able to correctly assign your activities. 
  • Please also remember that your experiences must have a defined duration and must have online bookable dates within the next 60 days, even if Google itself only shows the next 30 days. Experiences on demand or with a duration of more than 24 hours will not be released for booking by Google.
  • At the moment only accounts with Euro as currency can use Google for marketing. Furthermore, you must also be fully verified.

I am a city guide and offer my tours at non-postcard verified locations!

Currently there are two options for you to make yourself bookable with Reserve with Google:

  • If you are a reseller of a so-called Point of Interest - i.e. you sell tickets for a museum, for example, and start your tours there, you can contact us so that we can provide a link to Reserve with Google.
  • In bookingkit you can enter your company's headquarters as the event location and define an additional meeting point. Please note that this will not be shown in Google but only in the order confirmation. Please watch this video from about minute 2:23 and note that in this case you have to uncheck the box "venue is meeting point". 

Booking confirmation for the customer

As soon as the customer has completed his booking, he will receive a purchase confirmation directly in Google Maps, as well as a notification by e-mail. In addition, the customer will receive the regular order confirmation by email from bookingkit. From there the customer also has access to tickets and the invoice


4. Accounting

The orders from Reserve with Google will be delivered to your bookingkt account as you are used to from bookings on your website or other marketing channels. In the order itself, you can also see that the order was booked via Reserve with Google.

The turnover from these orders will be credited directly and immediately to your trust account via direct debit (7 to 10 days maximum), so that you can pay out your money within a few days at any time.

The order status will be marked as paid from the beginning, but will be highlighted in yellow. Only when the amount has been credited to your account, the payment status will automatically be marked in green. Please note that you can only cancel or refund the order as long as the status is shown in yellow. After that, it is no longer possible to refund the order in the same way as the customer paid. You can still cancel the order and refund the money by bank transfer or by voucher. 

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