With Reserve with Google your offer will be bookable directly on Google and reach a whole new audience. For Reserve with Google, however, we do not work with our regular payment service provider MangoPay, payments via Google processed by Stripe. Thus, a separate verification is necessary. You can read all about the legal background of the verification of your account here (see first paragraph).

In order to start the verification with Stripe, please go to Account > Verification and click on 'Verify with Stripe'. You will then be forwarded directly to Stripe, where you can upload all the necessary documents.

Verification with Stripe in just a few steps

Don't worry, the verification process with Stripe is not rocket science. You will basically just have to follow step by step the instructions on Stripe.

a) Confirm the verification

As soon as you clicked on the link you are forwarded to Stripe, please confirm the verification process. We suggest that one of the managers conducts these steps.

b) Fill out your company profile

Stripe asks for the most relevant information about your company, such as company name, your address or your commercial register number:

c) Information about the shareholders

In addition to the information about your company, Stripe also asks for the shareholders and possibly additional data on them, e.g.  in case they own more than 25% of your company.

Also one of these partners has to verify their identity with an official document. A color scan of both sides of the ID card, passport or driver's license can be used for this:

At last you just have to upload a proof of address. Please pay attention to the requirements, e.g. the document can't be older than 6 months:

Finally you just have to confirm your verification on Stripe:

That's it - now you are verified on Stripe and can start selling tickets on Google 💪
The sales from Stripe will be transferred once a week directly to your MangoPay wallet account. You can execute a payment from your wallet to your regular bank account at any time.

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