Certainly you are also struggling with many cancellations at the moment and are facing some challenges. We at bookingkit do not want to leave you alone during this time and in this article we answer the most urgent questions and give tips on how to deal operationally with the current crisis situation and how to position yourself as best as possible.

In this article we offer assistance on the following points:

Remove your dates and availabilities temporarily

You have to close your shop temporarily and want to deactivate the dates accordingly for a certain period of time? Generally you have two options here:

  • You may delete all your appointments and then create new ones.
  • Even easier: You contact us and ask us to delete the dates of your experiences for the respective period. Below you can read on how to delete all appointments except for those already booked and bulk cancel and refund your orders.

Cancellations and Refunds

Unfortunately, this point will undoubtedly concern you the most at the moment. You can easily cancel and reimburse individual orders by calling up the customer's name or the order code in the search bar at the top right of your bookingkit account and executing the cancellation:

By the way: You can find out here on how to exactly rebook your customers. In addition, we definitely recommend that you always reimburse via a voucher. Please also remember to store the cancellation policy in your terms and conditions (under Account> Company data).

Even more efficient: You can delete an entire appointment directly and at the same time cancel and refund all bookings. Simply call up the respective appointment in your calendar and select the appropriate option:

Good to know: For refunds and cancellations no further fees are applied.

Communication with your customers

We have received many questions about this in the past few days. Below are examples of the emails that will be sent to your customers in the event of a rebooking, cancellation and refund:




(the vouchers will be also attached as pdf)

Contact your customers

In addition, you also have the option to directly email all participants of an appointmment in the calendar and e.g. to inform about your closure as well as rebooking and cancellation options:

Since you probably want to contact all participants of the appointments over a certain period of time, we recommend downloading the contact details of your customers under Statistics > Export:

Via the export of services (based on the event date) you can generate all associated email addresses and e.g. contact all your customers at once via an email program, such as Mailchimp (they also have a free version).

Seasonal break

If you use our BusinessKit (formerly premium tariff), you can take a seasonal break of up to six months at any time. During the season break you are exempt from the monthly basic fee and only pay the transaction fee in case you receive a booking. Of course, you can interrupt or extend the season break at any time.

Under Account > Contract you can pause your tariff and manage your seasonal break:

Security Deposit

We also received some questions on that. The security deposit of our payment service provider Mangopay serves as security of Mangopay against payment defaults, e.g. in the case of a return debit. The security deposit will be automatically credited back to you after 180 days. This is a common practice with online payment providers. Unfortunately, the security deposit does not apply to monetary refunds. If you do not have enough available funds in your trustee account, you can make a deposit under Billing > Overview and then refund your customers.

Make the most of the current situation!

We cannot change the current situation, but it is important to keep a cool head and to position yourself as best you can. In our blog article, we are already giving you sme tips on how to survive times of crisis and how to prepare for the time after Corona. With this article we would like to show you how you can possibly generate revenue with bookingkit features even now and start to be prepared better times:

Flexible Offers

As soon as the current situation has calmed down, leisure activities will of course be in demand again - perhaps even more than ever. After all, what could be nicer than finally pursuing your hobbies and doing activities with your friends after a long time being stuck at home?

With our flexible offers you can sell discounted (product) vouchers for your activities. You determine the booking and redemption period yourself. You can already offer your customers special offers for the time after Corona. The Dalí exhibition in Berlin is already doing so:

We are happy to advise you on this and of course also help you to optimally embed the flexible offers on your website.

Vouchers for Easter

Easter is just around the corner - even Corona cannot prevent this and, as every year, vouchers will be a very popular gift. Use the time wisely and make sure that your website is up to date. It is important that your voucher shop is clearly visible and can be called up directly. In particular, we can recommend popups or voucher banners. A corresponding voucher button or point in the navigation bar of your website is elementary.

The same principle is relevant for other Holidays such as Christmas for example.

Recommended: vouchers can only be paid for online by endcustomer, thus ensuring your liquidity. By the way, we particularly recommend online payment at the moment, because this way you receive the money directly and the orders will be directly credited to your trustee account. If you want us to deactivate payment on site, just let us know.

Please also have a look at our guideline on vouchers, where you can find out on how to create a voucher shop with bookingkit and other useful tips:

Email Marketing

Did you know that you can do GDPR-compliant email marketing with our email campaign manager? You have the opportunity to contact your existing customers and directly promote for your flexible offers and easter vouchers 💪

Be creative!

Other industries are leading the way and switching from offline to online, e.g. DJs in Berlin clubs or online tours through world-famous museums. Why not offering online cooking classes  or fitness via live stream? Your customers will be happy and thankful for every offer that they can accept right now from home!

We are there to help

It is important to stick together in times of crisis. Even though we have mostly moved to home office, you can still reach us as usual seven days a week via the usual channels. We are happy to assist  and support you wherever possible in these times of crisis. For example, our founder Lukas holds a free webinar every week on the current challenges in our industry and answers your questions. Our product specialists are also available for you:

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