1. Introduction: What is bookingkit Reach?

bookingkit Reach for providers of tours, activities and attractions

2. How do I invite resellers?

3. Settings for Reach in your bookingkit account

4. How does the booking via Reach work

5. Settlement with the Reseller

6. View for the reseller


1. Introduction: What is bookingkit Reach

bookingkit Reach is an online platform on which you can automatically display your offers for resellers. This means they have access to all your experiences that you have shared with them and can sell them directly to their end customers. This gives you an even greater reach and increases your turnover in just a few steps.

Find out how bookingkit Reach looks like and how it works in our video presentation:

Reach for providers of tours, activities and attractions

2. How do you invite resellers?

To invite one of your resellers to bookingkit Reach, simply go to the tab "Reach" in the bookingkit backend or simply click here:

There you can also directly enter the contract conditions, such as the commission. The reseller will then automatically receive an invitation which he can accept. Thereupon he will be verified by us. As soon as this has been done, all your experiences will automatically be shown to him.

If your reseller cannot see the experiences yet, this means that he is not yet verified. We recommend that he logs in again. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

3. Settings for Reach in your bookingkit account

Once your distributor is verified, they will appear in your experiences in edit mode under "Marketing Platforms Quotas". Here you also determine the quota per seller / platform. If you do not set anything, the maximum number of participants can be resold. If you do not want to make an experience available to one of your resellers, simply enter "0".

4. How does the booking via Reach work?

As soon as a reseller has placed an order in bookingkit Reach, it is automatically linked to your bookingkit account and appears in your orders. There you will find all the important data of the reseller and you can download the invoice as a PDF.

Only you can cancel a Reach order. As soon as you do so by clicking the corresponding button, the reseller concerned will be informed.

5. Settlement with the reseller

Currently there is no automatic billing with the reseller. Your reseller accepts payment from his customers on site (for example cash or card payment). At an agreed time, you as the provider of an experience will then settle up with the reseller and receive the amount minus the agreed commission.

In the export of orders or services or in the monthly statement, it is shown via which channel the order was placed. Filter by the name of the reseller and thus determine the price.

Please note that you cannot currently adjust the commission retrospectively. Simply contact

6. View for the reseller

Your resellers can see all the experiences you have shared with them via the bookingkit Reach platform. Under the tab "Orders" they will find an overview of the orders they have placed and at the same time the corresponding tickets, which they can download and give directly to the customer. The tickets are valid immediately

We have also created a presentation video for your sales partners in which we explain the advantages of bookingkit Reach in detail:

We are constantly developing bookingkit Reach further. In the future, the platform will offer many more functions that will make it even more convenient for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our service team.

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