Set up a new booking kit

This article is about the daily routine as an operative employee, but if you are new to bookingkit, you can start by setting up bookingkit as follows:

1. Create experience:

2. Add appointment series:

3. Integrate the experience into the website:

bookingkit in daily life


With bookingkit you can see at a glance in the calendar which dates have been booked by customers. The calendar works like a heat map so that the most booked days appear dark red and the less booked days yellow.
If you want to see the dates that have not yet been booked, you can check the box "Show experiences without participants" in the calendar.

Making certain days unbookable

If you want to make certain days in the calendar unbookable, you can click on "Empty day". 

Making certain slots unbookable

If you want to make certain slots unbookable, you can activate the module "extended availability management" under "Settings".
Then you can block the respective slots in the calendar by clicking on the day and clicking on the minus sign in the desired time so that the availability is 0/0 or, if the slot has already been booked, 1/1.

Change appointment series

If you want to change the dates, you can click on Calendar. Then you click on a day and on a slot that is part of a series of appointments. Then click on "Edit recurring appointments".


In the "Orders" section, the postings are sorted by posting date from old to new. If you click on an order on the left, you will find all the details of the order, such as name, platform on which the experience was booked, the experience booked, date booked, etc.

Add booking manually

If you are looking for a specific order, no matter what section of bookingkit you are in, you can enter a specific order in the search bar at the top right (name, email or order code).

Some customers prefer to book by phone or on site instead of booking online. In this case you can add a manual booking.

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