Perhaps you offer seminars lasting several days, arrange sports activities or a Festival? Then bookingkit is exactly the right software for you. We can set up multi-day experiences really easily! Find out how to do it here:

Tip from the pros: Did you know that you can also set up Early-Bird Tickets with bookingkit?

1. Enter the duration of the event

Set up a new experience or edit an existing one, and now enter the desired duration of the event. You can choose, for instance, whether the duration is to be shown in hours or days:

2. View in the frontend

The duration will be displayed directly in the frontend - in accordance with the details input in the backend, of course. The “Select Date” button will also change in “Select Start Date”. If you want to rename this button, you can do so easily via Customise CSS.

3. View in the backend

You will also see displayed directly on the calendar the date on which the experience starts and also when it ends for the respective bookings.

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